Chocolate Covered
<span>BRAZILIAN</span> <span>CHOCOLATE COVERED</span> <span>NUTS MIX</span>


Cashew nuts + Brazilian nuts + tapioca + cocoa

The crunch you love added to the nourishment you need! Get ready to enjoy lots of flavor with this mix of tasty Brazilian nuts covered in Brazilian Amazon Rainforest’s cocoa.
This delicious snack offers healthy fats, protein, fibers and selenium. 100% natural and organic, no sugar added.

  • • USDA Certified
  • • Non GMO
  • • No Preservatives
  • • Nothing Chemical
  • • No Artificial Sweeteners, even Stevia
  • • No Soy Lecithin
  • • Vegan
  • • Keto Friendly
<span>BRAZILIAN</span> <span>CHOCOLATE COVERED</span> <span>NUTS MIX</span>

What you are experiencing

Brazilian Biodiversity
Covered with Chocolate
Sugar Free | 100% Natural | Organic
Vegan | Keto Friendly

We use techniques to preserve the nutritional and functional values of the delicious Brazilian fruits, nuts and cocoa to create a snack that is 100% natural, organic and sugar-free. Our goal is to offer nourishment to your body free of guilt and full of pleasure!

Chocolicious snacks to bring more pleasure and flavor to your day!

The hectic lifestyle of our society often makes us eat on the “automatic mode”, not making the best choices for our health. Who doesn't feel like snacking during the day or even eating a candy to bring comfort in a stressful moment? Healthy eating doesn't have to be difficult, boring, and tasteless. For this reason, we united the practicality and nutrition of freeze-dried snacks with the deliciousness of chocolate to provide moments of pleasure and satisfaction to your mind with no guilt while nourishing your body with ingredients that will boost your quality of life!

We created a product that is 100% natural, organic, sugar-free and long-lasting to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

The freeze-drying process

Freeze-drying – which is used for our Naturanic snacks – is a low temperature dehydration process, through which the weight of the fruit is reduced but its original shape is maintained, as well as its nutritional properties.
This process removes all the moisture from the fruits, giving them a super extra crunch, and makes it possible to have a delicious and healthy fruit mix with you wherever you go.
It uses sublimation, which is to say the fruit's water goes from a solid to a gaseous state without going through a liquid state.